Yearbooks, Annuals and Other Similar Publications  

Communication Yearbook

Communication Yearbook publishes state-of-the-art literature reviews and articles providing comprehensive syntheses of literature. Contributors may submit a narrative analysis or a meta-analysis; however, they should carefully integrate comprehensive and thoughtful synthesis and critique of core research findings as well as reflections on future directions for this area of scholarship in terms of theory and application.

Encyclopedia of Communication

The idea behind this project is to create the premiere and absolutely essential reference source in the field of Communication. Communication is a relatively young discipline and this unique and definitive reference work would serve the discipline by making a body of knowledge and expertise available to a wide audience, encompassing those in the field and those whose interests touch it.

Handbooks of Communication

These handbooks are to be benchmark summaries of current communication scholarship and set the agenda for future theory and research in the communication discipline. The series will include handbooks that consider content areas in communication research, methodological approaches to communication research, and theoretical lenses for scholarship in communication. These handbooks attempt to cross subdisciplinary boundaries in communication by considering the conceptual, theoretical, and methodological dimensions that underlie communication scholarship across contexts.

Free Speech Yearbook

Publishes essays in doctrinal analysis of free speech law, the rhetorical analysis of landmark cases and judges, and theoretical discussions of the freedom to communicate. Approaches that explore interdisciplinary and international issues of free and responsible speech, press, media law, regulation and policy, press freedoms and governance of new media are also welcome

International and Intercultural Annual

The International and Intercultural Annual is an annual thematic compilation of research, from a variety of perspectives, on international and intercultural communication issues.

Basic Communication Course Annual

Annual publishes the best scholarship available on topics related to the basic course and is distributed nationally to scholars and educators interested in the basic communication course.


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