Other Subject Specific Journals

Women's Studies in Communication

A feminist forum for research, reviews, and commentary that advance our understanding of the relationships between communication and women, gender, and feminism. WSIC is topically and methodologically inclusive, publishing manuscripts from quantitative, qualitative, and critical perspectives in areas including but not limited to interpersonal and organizational comm, rhetorical criticism and the theory, and media and cultural studies.

Journal of Nonverbal Behavior

The Journal of Nonverbal Behavior publishes original theoretical and empirical research papers on all major areas of nonverbal behavior. The coverage extends to para-language, proxemics, facial expressions, eye contact, face-to-face interaction, and nonverbal emotional expression, as well as other relevant topics which contribute to the scientific understanding of nonverbal processes and behavior.

Journal of Family Communication 

Publishes articles on all aspects of communication in families. This includes communication in family systems, communication in family relationships, and families managing communication with societal systems such as mass media, education, health care, and law & policy. In addition to empirical reports, theoretical essays, and review essays, the journal will include articles pertaining to applied family communication, family communication education, and reviews of books and other resources.

Journal of Health Communication

It presents the latest development in the field of health communication including research in risk communication, health literacy, social marketing, communication (from interpersonal to mass media), psychology, government, policy-making, and health education around the world.

Organization Science

Organization Science provides one umbrella for the publication of research from all over the world in fields such as organization theory, strategic management, sociology, economics, political science, history, information science, systems theory, communication theory, artificial intelligence, and psychology.

Group Dynamics: Theory, Research, and Practice

Seeks manuscripts that examine social psychological analyses of group processes and groups in organizational settings, as well as manuscripts dealing with the dynamics of therapeutic groups. Theoretically driven studies of hypotheses that have implications for understanding and improving groups in organizational, educational, and therapeutic settings are particularly encouraged.

Negotiations and Conflict Management Research

The official journal of the International Association for Conflict Management. NCMR publishes fundamental research that focuses on theory and research on conflict and conflict management across levels, including organizational conflict, interpersonal conflict and inter-group conflict, and across a range of domains including environmental conflict, crisis negotiations, political conflict and cross-cultural conflict, as well as formal and informal third party intervention, including mediation and arbitration.

Journal of Business Communication

Seeks manuscripts that address all areas of business communication including but not limited to business composition/technical writing, information systems, international business communication, management communication, and organizational and corporate communication.

The Journal of Graduate and Professional Student Development:(formerly titled: The Journal of Grad. Teaching Assistant Development)

The Journal is designed to highlight those aspects of the teaching assistantship which prepare graduate students for the multiple roles they play as assistants as well as for the multiple roles they will play as professionals upon leaving graduate school. The full range of issues involved in the administration of teaching assistantship programs are addressed.

Business Communication Quarterly

Business Communication Quarterly is a refereed journal devoted to the teaching of business communication. The journal aims to present the many interdisciplinary, international, and organizational perspectives that characterize the field.  BCQ publishes Feature articles (1,500-4,500 words), Innovative Assignment articles (1,500-4,500 words), “Focus on” articles (1,000 words), and Reviews (1,000 words).

Journal of Intercultural Communication

The goal of the journal is to promote research but also education and training in the area of intercultural communication.  This communication takes place because of contacts within the areas of business, military cooperation, science, education, mass media, entertainment, tourism but also because of immigration brought about by labor shortage or political conflicts.

Rhetoric Society Quarterly

Published in the months of January, April, July, and October by the Rhetoric Society of America. Article-length manuscripts on all areas of rhetorical studies including theory, history, criticism, and pedagogy are invited.

Educational Technology Research and Development

Manuscripts that are primarily concerned with research in educational technology or with the design and development of learning systems and educational technology applications should be submitted.

Journal of the Religious Communication Association

JCR is a journal addressed to the concerns of the religious communicator and the communication scholar and includes reviews of current publications in the field of religious communication. The journal is semi-annual.


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