State Communication Journals


Texas Speech Communication Association

This is the journal of the Texas Speech Communication Association.  A call for papers that focus on instructional, communication education, and the scholarship of teaching and learning. Papers can examine topics such as teaching effectiveness, student behaviors, teacher behaviors, student involvement, civic engagement, learning communities, communication anxiety, critical pedagogy, experimental designs, etc.

The Florida Journal of Communication

We encourage the submission of previously unpublished articles or research reports that relate to any aspect of the human communication process. We also encourage the submission of student work, faculty student collaboration, scholarly pilot studies and book reviews.

Iowa Journal of Communication

Manuscripts may be philosophical, theoretical, critical, applied, pedagogical, or empirical in nature. Submissions from all geographic areas are encouraged. Submissions are welcomed year round.

Kentucky Journal of Communication

The Kentucky Journal of Communication invites faculty and graduate students to submit papers related to all aspects of communication. Areas of interest may include (but are not limited to) Rhetoric and Public Address, Organizational, Instructional, Interpersonal, Intercultural, Health Comm, Mass Comm, Cultural Studies, Critical Studies, Performance Studies, Advertising and PR, and Small Group Comm. Papers may be critical, empirical, interpretive, or theoretical.

Communication and Theatre Association of Minnesota Journal

The journal welcomes theoretical and applied articles and teaching suggestions from theater, communication and forensics professionals from all levels. Manuscripts may be submitted for one of two sections: general interest research and essays, and teacher's workbook.  Please indicate whether the manuscript is intended for the general interest research and essays section, or the teacher's workbook section.

Journal of the Speech and Theatre Association of Missouri

Scholarly articles, book and resource reviews, and teaching resources are all encouraged.  Thought pieces or research based articles that address how terms and techniques can be borrowed from other areas of study to equip students with the skills to be more adaptable and effective at school, home, current or future work settings, as well as in other community interactions can be submitted.

Atlantic Journal of Communication

This is the journal of the New Jersey Communication Association.  The journal is concerned with the study of communication theory, practice, and policy. It is committed to an eclectic approach to scholarship and the publication of articles of the highest quality regardless of their type, orientation, or geographical origin. Contributions devoted to significant problems and issues in communication studies and of wide professional & scholarly interest are welcomed. NY has also adopted it.

  North Dakota Journal of Speech and Theatre

Editors welcome a wide range of material that contributes to the excellence of speech and theatre education, and to scholarly knowledge of the communication discipline. Topics often, but do not necessarily, address a topic of regional interest. Considered is any material that can enhance secondary or higher education curriculum, or material that is devoted to basic research or theory of speech communication, mass communication or theatre.

Journal of Communication Studies

Journal of the Arkansas State Communication Association.  "While the JCS does not discriminate against any particular methodology of analysis, or unit of analysis, the consensus of the Editorial Board is that there is ample opportunity in the discipline for publishing "critical theory", "post-modern" studies, or "sexual identity studies" and that studies of that sort should be sent to other venues "

Ohio Communication Journal

The journal accepts Manuscripts covering a variety of communication topics, Graduate debut papers, Essays on teaching excellence and Book reviews.

Journal of the Wisconsin Communication Association

An annual publication which reflects this diversity by soliciting and accepting articles from the entire spectrum of pedagogy and scholarship in the field of communication. The Journal typically does not include movie reviews, works of fiction, poetry, or drama.

Journal of the Illinois Speech & Theatre Association

The Journal, published annually and sent to all members, includes papers of interest to speech and theatre professionals across the spectrum of educational levels. Any member may submit material for consideration

Michigan Association of Speech Communication

All I could find was a page with a link to the editor.  Sorry.

Louisiana Communication Journal

This is all I could find on the LCJ.  The Louisiana Communication Journal is a labor of love that has been edited by one of LCA’s founder’s Patricia Rockwell, and has involved several people all over the state as associate editors. It began, and continues as a small but solid publication, of which we should be proud, and for which we owe profound thanks to the University of Louisiana at Lafayette for printing and supporting. 2007 will mark the 9th edition of the journal. Turner Steckline of UL-Monroe is the journal Editor

Carolinas Communication Annual

Click on Call for Journal Papers Link

The 2008 issue of the Carolinas Communication Annual will feature a special section on "Pedagogy in the Carolinas" and we are looking for papers to be submitted for peer review. This is a broadly defined call that can include any subjects the author(s) believe would be a contribution to pedagogical experiences and challenges unique to our membership and student populations, with an emphasis, of course, on communication studies.

More State Info

  A few more states have state organizations but they do not have websites where information about the publication submissions can be found.  So use this link to an NCA website where you can often find the names of the editors.


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