I like making trophies for speech tournament

This is another Sweesptakes trophy.  It was for the Outer Limit Tournament too. (Your own planet)
I made a bunch of UFOs for the OUter Limits Spech Tournament in Kearney NE  I turned them and Tim Loatman Painted them.

This is a Sweepstakes Trophy for the Outer Limits Tournament.  The base is from a Silver Maple tree.

We made 13 UFO trophies for the Out Limits Tournament, they all started out as pine blanks (made from 2X4 & 2X6 lumber).Tim Loatman gave each one a custom paint job. (See other links)

We gave these away as awards at our summer speech institute!

These thinker statues on walnut bases were trophies for our summer speech institute.

Pent Trophies from Outer Limits Tournament (turned pine bases, painted with textured spray paint)

Accept No Substitutes