I have made a tradition of giving my former students pens made from trees on their campus when they graduate

These are my favorite pens of all time.  They are in a cigar style pen design and made from a Silver Maple tree from the Ohio University campus.  You can see the spalting in the wood clearly.

This pen is from a 200 year old English Oak from outside my office at Truman State University.  The tree became diseased and had to be cut down.  I got some of the wood.

These pens are made from an Osage Orange tree on the Truman State University farm.  They are almost the same color as a school pencil.

These pens are actually made from Deer Antler.  They look great but they leave the shop smelling for weeks.  Antler has been called a "Poor Man's Ivory". My brother provided the antlers.

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