Some Misc things that I have also made

I do more than just wood turnings.  Here is a display case I made for the pens I make.  Nerdy?  You bet!

My graduate advisor had a friend who collected Irish Whistles.  She commissioned me to make this chest to hold them.  The inside of the top is done with a green flocking.  My advisor actually helped withthe flocking.  So I guess you could say my advisor and I flocked

This is a vase I made for my wife.  She really loved it.  When she passed away in Nov of 2006 we used it as her urn.  It was just one way to stay close with her.

This actually started as a left over piece of scrap wood.  Then i noticed the graining.  If you want to get all artsy about it, the graining looks like a seascape.  That is if you want to get all artsy.  it's only about 4" across.

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