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A poster I developed to advertise our Library PerformancesThe purpose of this website is to let you know more about me and what I do personally and professionally.  The links on the left and the tabs above are instrumental in helping you find the information you might need. 

If you have any questions you can always call me at 701-200-9748 (my cell), or perhaps the best way to reach me is via email at toddtholm@gmail.com 

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I hold a PhD in Organizational Communication & Instructional Communication from The Ohio University in Athens, OH. I taught communication courses and coached speech and debate teams at several colleges and universities for 25 years. It was extremely challenging and rewarding. Recently I moved to of the traditional university setting and took a position at the US Marine Corps University's Expeditionary Warfare School where I teach Marine Corps Captains to be better communicators. I find that I enjoy working with goal oriented adult learners (all possessing college degrees) and the challenges of curriculum revision. 


I married a wonderful women named Lori Spicka (Holm) in 1988 and we had a baby boy in 1994 and named him Marcus. However, she passed away in the fall of 2006). As you can imagine it was an emotionally draining time. I really hit an emotion rock bottom. But then I met someone who showed me it was possible to not just carry on but once again be happy.  I owe my new life to my new wife Jennifer Baader (Holm) and cannot imagine what my life would be like if she hadn't found me. My son Marcus is a wonderful young man who will no doubt accomplish much in his life.  My favorite hobby is woodworking, specifically turning pieces on a wood lathe.  If you have time you should check out my wood working galleries. 

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