Forensics Journals

National Forensics Journal

The National Forensic Journal is the scholarly journal of the National Forensic Association. The journal has published research in intercollegiate speech and debate since 1983. Articles are available on the NFA website.

the Forensic

This is the oldest national forensic journal. This is the journal of Pi Kappa Delta (a national forensics honorary). Articles would include topics ranging from debate to individual events to philosophical issues related to competition and forensic education. All members of the forensic community are invited to submit to the Editor of The Forensic for possible inclusion in the journal.

Speaker & Gavel

S&G publishes refereed articles addressing all aspects of communication theory and practice.  But since it is a publication of Delta Sigma Rho - Tau Kappa Alpha (a national forensics honorary), articles related to forensics are probably of particular interest.  But that is far from their exclusive aim.  

Speaker Points

This is the journal of Phi Rho Pi (a national Forensics Honorary).  Contact information and submission information can be found through the PRP website at   

Online Journal of Forensics

The CDE Online Journal of Forensics is the bi-annual journal of all things related to forensics and forensics competition. "We started this journal to improve the way that scholarly information could be shared on the Internet. We are eager to make this a top resource for forensics discussion and dissemination of information."

Argumentation and Advocacy

Publication of the American Forensic Association, invites scholarly submissions concerning any dimension of argumentation studies, including but not limited to contemporary or historical argumentation theory, informal logic, pragma-dialectics, interpersonal arguing, culture and argument, public and political argument, legal argument, and forensics and pedagogy.

The Forensic Educator

This journal focuses on forensics at the high school level. "The Forensic Educator designed for teachers and coaches of speech to share their insights and express themselves on important issues related to competitive forensics. We encourage you to submit your own work for publication in the Forensic Educator. Too often, we encounter great ideas about teaching and coaching and, because life can be busy, or we simply do not think about getting published, those ideas fail to get shared with a wider audience. This is your chance to be heard!"


In addition to providing news and information about the National Forensics League, the Rostrum also runs articles on forensics related issues.  Its readership is largely high school coaches and competitors.

International Journal of Forensics

Contact information is available at this linked site.  No information about the journal was available. 

There are other journals available for people interested in debate.  There also used to be a publication called "Collegiate Forensics Association Journal".  I know because I published an article in it but I can not find information about the journal anymore.  There was also a "Southern Journal of Forensics" but that has since become the International Journal of Forensics.  


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