Cross Discipline Publication Opportunities

Not all  publication opportunities for communication related research are in communication journals.  Because communication borrows research and methodology from a number of other fields and because our research often informs other disciplines we sometimes find the best match for a communication research project in a journal outside of our discipline.

Academic Exchange Quarterly

AEQ is dedicated to the presentation of ideas, research, methods, and pedagogical theories leading to effective instruction and learning regardless of level or subject. We are an independent double-blind-peer-reviewed print journal, a customer-driven academic journal.  They have an extensive list of submission guidelines.  They encourage submissions from graduate students.

The Teaching Professor

The Teaching Professor illustrates innovative, creative ways to reach, motivate, and inspire students while also providing a consistent theoretical research basis for sound pedagogical practive through scholarship on teaching. Submission information is at the bottom of linked page.

Journal on Excellence in College Teaching

The journal provides a scholarly, written forum for discussion by faculty about all areas affecting teaching and learning, and gives faculty the opportunity to share proven, innovative pedagogies and thoughtful, inspirational insights about teaching. Follow the links for submission information.

Journal of Higher Education

The leading scholarly journal on the institution of higher education. Articles combine disciplinary methods with critical insight to investigate issues important to faculty, administrators, and program managers.

Education Digest

In general, preference is given (but not restricted) to articles providing answers for (or at least serious insights or reflections on) current problems or issues in the education field, especially ones of interest across the entire field but also ones in specific subject areas as well. (Scroll down from link to find submission guidelines)

  College Student Journal

Innovative research or theory pertaining to college students. Includes professional school students.  It is a journal about college life and post secondary education.

Accept No Substitutes