CommDocs {Communication Doctors LLC}


CommDocs is led by President Dr. James Kimble and CEO Dr. Todd Holm. Together they have over 50 years of teaching and consulting experience.  They have each coached nationally recognized speakers.  They have presented seminars at national conventions, published articles in scholarly journal, and written books and taught at some to the country's most respected colleges and universities.  

CommDocs offers executive coaching, on site training, and workshops for businesses, nonprofit organizations, government agencies and institutions of higher education.  Their presentations are dynamic and engaging.  They apply the theories of education, communication and management to timely and realistic world events.  Both were award winning entertaining speakers in college and one of them (we aren't telling which one) is actually a certified humor presenter today.  Both hold PhDs in the field of Communication Studies.    


Business Seminars

and Workshops

CommDocs provides a variety of workshops directed at improving the quality and effectiveness of communication in the workplace.  From preventing "Death by PowerPoint" presentations to effective and productive methods of dealing with conflict in the workplace and leadership during periods of organizational change:   CommDocs can help create a more effective, more cohesive, more productive workplace.

Education Based


With a combined 50 plus years of teaching experience at a variety of institutions ranging from highly selective private liberal arts colleges to large public institutions to open admissions community colleges, the men know what teaching is all about.  They understand what it takes to engage students of all ages and backgrounds in the classroom and how to motivate students to excel.

After Dinner Speakers &

Motivational Speaking

Both of these men have a delightful sense of humor that not only entertains but makes you think as well.  They tailor their presentations to your audience.  Because of that, they ask at least two weeks notice and access to some of the people who will be in the audience so that they can prepare for the presentation.

Accept No Substitutes