Courses I Teach


I have taught a wide variety of course at a wide variety of institutions.  That has given me the opportunity to work with students from many different backgrounds and students with a lot of different goals.  While I try to adapt my day-to-day approach to lecturing to meet the individual needs of the students in my classes I stick to a fairly firm and established body of material for each course.


Below are links to some of the courses I have taught.  These are websites that are available to my students at all times.  In addition to providing things like copies of the syllabus, day-to-day calendars, and some reference materials, I also provide copies of my lecture notes for students after each class period.  That way if a student has to miss a day of class or if their notes get lost or even if they just want to double check something in their notes, there is a resource available to them.  This is also very helpful for students with learning disabilities and students who constantly misplace things.


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This course was an upper level theory course in persuasion.  

Intro to Oral Communication

This course was a combination of Public Speaking and Small Group Communication.  Assignments and course content were largely determined by the department.

Training and Development

This course was offered as a Special Topics course with plans to integrate it into a new interdepartmental major in Human Resource Managment.

Humor and Communication

This course was offered as a Special Topics course at one institution and as part of an interdisciplanry program at another institution.

Organizational Communication  

This was an upper level communication course I taught at two different institutions.

Small Group Communication

This is a 200-300 level course I taught at several different institutions.

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