Regional Communication Journals


Western Journal of Communication

The journal is dedicated to the publication of original scholarly manuscripts which advance our understanding of human communication. All theoretical and methodological perspectives are welcome. WJC’s publishes research in rhetorical and communication theory, interpersonal and intercultural communication, media studies, cultural and critical theory, language behavior, performance studies, small group communication, freedom of speech, gender studies, and applied communication in health, family relationships, and organizations among other contexts. Research accessible to both scholarly audiences and the learned public is encouraged.

Communication Reports

This is one of two scholarly journals of the Western States Communication Association. The journal publishes original manuscripts that are short, data/text-based, and related to the broadly defined field of human communication. Articles that are purely speculative or theoretical, and not data analytic, are not appropriate for this journal. Authors are expected to devote a substantial portion of the manuscript to analyzing and reporting research data.

Communication Quarterly

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This scholarly, academic journal sponsored by the Eastern Communication Association publishes refereed manuscripts extending the understanding of human communication. Manuscripts considered for publication may be research reports, rhetorical studies, critical analyses, state of the art reviews, reports of topical interest, supported opinion papers, and essays. Manuscripts may be philosophical, theoretical, methodological, critical, applied, pedagogical, or empirical in nature

Qualitative Research Reports in Communication

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A peer-reviewed annual journal sponsored by the Eastern Communication Association. The journal publishes brief qualitative and critical research essays of 2,500 words or less on a wide range of topics extending and enhancing the understanding of human communication. Topics appropriate for the journal include but are not limited to studies of intercultural, media, political, organizations, rhetorical, interpersonal and legal communication.

Communication Research Reports

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Publishes brief empirical articles (approximately 10-12 pages) on a variety of topics pertaining to human communication. Studies in the general areas of interpersonal, intercultural, life-span, nonverbal, small group, organizational, instructional, health, persuasive, mass, political, and computer-mediated communication are appropriate. The main portion of the paper should be devoted to a thorough reporting and interpretation of results, a concise, cogent theoretical rationale and literature review must also be included.

Southern Communication Journal

Publishes original scholarship that makes significant contributions to understanding the processes and consequences of human communication. The journal is not limited with regard to topic, methodological approach, or theoretical perspective, although authors must establish the significance of the research, soundness of methodological choices, and appropriateness of theoretical perspectives.  We seek to publish articles and book reviews that will be of interest to scholars, researchers, and practitioners of communication. 

Communication Studies

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CS is the journal of the Central States Communication Association. It accepts all methods of scholarly inquiry into communication are welcome. Manuscripts should be conceptually meaningful, methodologically sound, interesting, clearly written, and thoughtfully argued. Manuscripts must not have been published elsewhere or be currently under consideration for any other publication.

Journal of the Northwest Communication Association

A scholarly journal dedicated to understanding human communication in all of its forms. The Journal encourages contributions related to any area of communication, and all theoretical and methodological perspectives.


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