This is an amazing fire prevention gel that can protect a home in a forest fire.  The video is kind of long but shows how information can definitely persuade.  
This commercial actually became a big seller.  At one point is was in 10th on the charts by one group and 13th on the charts by another group (at the same time)  
Look at this one and think about how it creates Cognitive Dissonance then look at the next one and see if it does a better job These commercials were actually on the Prudential web site as part of a poll that asked customers which they thought was better. (This summer I saw that they were using the "no" commercial)
Notice how the open endedness of commercial impacts your sense of dissonance
Cut the seatbelts The emergency hammer designed to cut seatbelts and break windows.  How often do you really need something like that?  How many people are trapped in a car with a jammed seatbelt and stuck window? 
Break the window with under 12 pounds of force from your keychain.
Video Try to guess what it is selling The clip needs to extract and then open it takes a moment.
Video Dove Real Beauty Commercial   
Video Anti Smoking Commercial  

Smoking and Anti-Smoking Commercials are amazing to watch sometimes.  Notice the friendliness of the smoking commercials and the fear appeals of the anti-smoking ads. 

Video Woman Who Smoked too Much
Video Flintstones Cigarette Com.
Video Hard to Quit Harder Not to Quit 1
Video Hard to Quit Harder Not to Quit 2
Video Political Commercial (Click on the arrow in the middle of the video screen) Woman later found to have been arrested for assault (twice)




Political Campaign Advertisements




Clinton Ad 1 Part of the "Man From Hope" video.  Note the identification efforts





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"Now that I'm gone, I tell you: don't smoke, whatever you do, don't smoke." -- Yul Brynner, tough guy actor and cancer victim (In a posthumous anti-smoking commercial)


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