Accept No Substitutes                                                                                            

Dr. Todd T. Holm



Instructor:      Dr. Todd Holm




Office Hours:    

Required Text:  Persuasion, Social Influence, and Compliance Gaining (2nd Edition)by Robert H. Gass & John S. Seiter: Allyn & Bacon publishers.  


Attendance Policy    

Students are expected to attend class. There are no points for attending class. I view that as your responsibility and privilege. If you are absent you are responsible for any materials missed during your absence. If assignments change or our schedule changes during your absence you are expected to know that before you come to the next class and prepare accordingly. In other words, if you skip and miss something critical, that is your problem. Missed assignments are another issue. 


Missed Assignments    

All tests, homework assignments, and performances are due on the scheduled dates. Opportunities to "make-up" missed or late assignments are at the discretion of the instructor and completely subjective. If you make arrangements with me prior to your absence you stand a better chance of being able to make-up an assignment. The best advice is to just do your assignments on the dates they are due.  Students with College excused absences will be given the appropriate consideration.  See me if there are problems. 


Special Needs  

Students with special needs such as physical impairments that would in some way hinder performance in class, a learning disability that requires special testing conditions, or a speech impediment, you should address those concerns with me as soon as possible.  I will gladly do everything within reason to accommodate those


What My Grades Mean  

A:  Exceptionally well-prepared and executed.  The assignment is well organized, well prepared, and presented in a professional manner.  The overall assignment showed preparation, originality, and skill.  Usually receiving an A means you are in the top 20% of the class.   

B:  Well-prepared, solid assignment.  Competent organization, presentation/product was adequate, and speaker was clearly prepared.  Preparation and skill are clearly superior to “C” work.  This is still a solid performance/assignment.  You can give a very good presentation or paper and still get a B.     

C:  Satisfactory performance.  Organization was adequate, oral/written products were about average.  The best word to describe a C performance is probably “Competent.”     

D:  Less than adequate preparation or final product characterized by incoherent flow of ideas, poor research, and/or presented poorly.  Assignments that are incomplete or do not follow the assignment guidelines find their way into this grade level.  A “D” presentation reflects a lack of preparation or undisciplined effort.   

 F:  Organization of ideas lacked adequate preparation.  Final product/presentation shows a lack of adequate development and preparation.  Failure to complete any of the assigned activities may result in an F for the course.  



I have three rules that serve as guidelines for participation in all of my classes.  They will also give you a flavor for the class and how I plan to run the class.    

Rule 1: You must learn something.  Some of you may already have extensive experience in persuasion or sales or argumentation, that’s good.  Now try to develop new skills and push yourself.  You must be willing to try.  
Rule 2: You must have fun. Social psychologists tell us that the best way to develop our creativity is through play.  In class (especially lectures) you need to play, or participate.  We all have better things to do with our time than sit around looking unhappy.  Participate, ask questions, give answers, and further discussions: these are all part of scholarly play.  Creativity in performances will be rewarded in multiple ways.    

Rule 3:I don’t know” is not going to be a correct answer, so don’t give it.  All I am looking for is your best guess.  If you happen to know the answer, that’s great.  You might not know the answer, that’s okay too, give me your thoughts.  Education is not a passive activity; the only way you will learn is through an active thought process.  Try to keep up on the readings and you will find you know more of the answers.