Accept No Substitutes                                                                                            

Dr. Todd T. Holm


The syllabus is subject to change and revision as classes sometimes take on a life of their own and different groups of students will find different areas of Persuasion more interesting and appealing than others.  Consequently more classroom discussion will make some days longer and other days shorter and it is hard to plan for those things.  






Introductions, Ice Breakers, class orientation

Read Chapter 1



Read Chapter 2

Underpinnings of Persuasive Theory

Read Chapter 3  

Conditioning, Yale Model, Identification


Read Chapter 4

Self-Persuasion/ELM, Dual Processing Model

Social Learning Theory Presentation

Heuristic Systematic Model, & less cognitively taxing theories

Information Integration Theory Presentation


Reasoned Action Theory, Attribution Theory, Social Judgment Theory

Social Proof Theory Presentation

Read Chapter 8

Syllogisms & The Toulmin Model

Assign Advertising Syllogism


Reread chapters 1-4 & 8

Jeopardy Review

Ad Syllogism Analysis Due

Midterm Exam

On Chapters 1-4, 8 & notes


Read Chapter 13 

Propaganda I

Protection Motivation Theory Presentation

Propaganda II

Spiral of Silence Presentation


Political Persuasion

Bases of Power Presentation

Language Theories


Read Chapter 9


Mid Semester Break


Propaganda Presentations




Media/Advertising News Manipulation


Read Chapter 11

Negotiation Strategies

Assign the Bigger Better Project

Cooperative Bargaining Presentation

Read Chapters 7 & 14

Social Movements


Bigger Better Activity

Social Movements and Group Persuasion

“Bigger Better” Show and Tell


Thanksgiving Break

Sales & Persuasion

Assign Sales Project

Social Marketing Theory Presentation


Read Chapter 10

Group Work in Class on Sales Presentation

Sex & Subliminal Advertising

Embedded Messages Presentation


Sales Presentations

Review and Make Up Day

(Day of Flexibility)

Maybe we will watch a movie like

Thank you for Smoking




Final Exam as Scheduled by the College